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Choosing your wedding photographer can be a daunting task, but it is an important step in organizing your perfect day. Some online wedding sites supply lists of local photographers to start your search. Don’t choose a photographer based on recommendations alone; just because your best friend thinks her photographer was a genius doesn’t mean they are the right photographer for you! It may be tempting to ask or hire a friend or relative. While this may be the right choice for some people in terms of cost and convenience, also consider experience and accountability. Less experience may result in amateur shots, and if your family member is working for free, it may take longer for you to receive your photos. Don’t be afraid to put your desires first when finding your photographer.


Unique Wedding Photographers

Like all artists, every photographer has their own unique style – and so do you! Think about the style of photographs you want that will tell the story of your union, whether it be wedding photography for Loughborough or another area of the UK. Whether you are looking for classic portraits or something more modern, look at your prospective photographer’s previous works to make sure they can tell your love story in your style. It is a good idea to ask to see entire wedding albums, not just the featured photographs in their online gallery. Photographers often show only their best work on websites, but you are paying for a lot more than two or three key shots. From walking down the aisle to shoving cake in each other’s faces, it is best to make sure you find a photographer who can successfully tell your entire story.

It is also important to actually meet your photographer before you make a decision. You will be spending the entire day with this person, and personality is often as important as the photographs themselves. If you and your photographer clash, you may have trouble communicating with them and it risks making your photographs a miserable experience. Feel free to interview and talk to multiple photographers before you make your decision, and don’t feel cornered into choosing someone you aren’t completely sure about.

When it comes to the most treasured mementos of your wedding day, your photographs are the images you will carry with you through the years. Take the time to choose the right photographer so that you can look back on your day with only the most pleasant memories.


As far as titles go, this is one of the bluntest you’ll get. Unfortunately, and we should already put it out there – we don’t provide any guarantee that you are going to become the next photo contest pin up by simply dedicating the next five minutes to this page. However, by following the tips that we decipher through the course of this article, you’ll certainly give yourself the best possible chance of winning that next contest you enter.

It would be fair to say that the online photography contest business has exploded through recent years, with sites such as arguably blending the gap between professionals and amateurs. These platforms provide the perfect base for the typical photography enthusiast to take their hobby to the next level, and ultimately get their work out there.

Competition is fierce though – and it’s getting harder. Therefore, if you are yet to record any sort of success, read through these tips and see if they’ll make a difference.

Read the fine print

It sounds one of the most boring tips you’ll ever come across, but you’d be surprised at how many budding candidates simply falter after not reading the terms and conditions. Some will have just five bullet points, while others may have a list that takes a day to read through.

You may have taken the best photo of your life, only to let one small detail utterly ruin it. It might be bypassing the submission date, sending it over in the wrong format or not removing your standard watermark. These are just a handful of examples that can get your submission expelled before the judges have even had time to study it – so be vigilant.

Run through bushes

In a bid to win certain contests, you may have to literally stand in a thorn bush. Certain shots just can’t be taken from your standard pavement, or roadside spot. Instead, you’ve got to make sacrifices – whether this is standing in the middle of a bush or something equally as ridiculous.

Do the above, and the chances of you netting that unique shot that nobody has dared snap before are increased. At the same time, your chances of winning the competition go up a notch as well.

Judges can’t resist a good story

It’s one of the most annoying clichés around, but the term “a picture tells a thousand words” couldn’t be more apt in photography contests. You may just be producing a static image, but if you capture the perfect snap it will in some way tell the viewer a story.

Ultimately, you’re looking for the judges to make a connection with your work. In practice, some images might sound utterly boring, but captured in the right setting they can reveal something that perhaps even the photographer didn’t expect. Additionally, this doesn’t necessarily have to occur right as you take the picture – certain emotions can be extracted from an image after it has been taken and you are tinkering with the effects.

Tap into your peers

They might be your competitors in some regards, but if you can tap into the knowledge of some of your peers you will improve your chances phenomenally. Whether this is a friend round the corner, or a group on a photography critique Facebook page – it doesn’t matter. You need an expert’s opinion, and these are the best people to give it.

Similarly, compare your work to past submissions. Usually, the judges will remain the same every year and if you can see how your work fares against previous winners, you’ll get a decent gauge of just where you’re at and whether or not your work is a worthy submission.

Are you going to have a unique wedding in near time? Are you looking for a wedding photographer that can exceed your expectation? Well, as you surely have known, documenting your unique wedding into images is a perfect way to capture and preserve every unique yet important moment in your wedding ceremony. Through images, the happiness, love, passion, and appreciation can easily be seen. When you want to remind yourselves about your wedding ceremony later, you just need to see your wedding photos. Thus, choosing the right wedding photographer becomes a crucial thing to consider.

Wedding Photographer

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